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Guaranteed CG-2020 Gaming Console
Hello- I’m Joey the host here at Joey’s poker club. This is a new technology P2P (Peer to Peer) gaming system. Due to COVID restrictions we are using this platform to allow you to play from home. My thirty year home game continues! My digital tables are not on-line even though you use the Internet as a network to connect to my room. I run the game console from my home. I use the trusted Box Drop Runners to pick up and drop off cash. My dealers are the Tru-Deal AI based human replicate programs, the best. The console has a hand vending service, you pay one dollar when the dealer button is yours. This is the membership fee I collect, it is based on usage. No other fees are charged NO RAKE is allowed , you get unlimited play access 24hrs a day to a clean - fair - trusted - game.  I do not profit from the game. 100% of the vendor fee pays for the Box Drop cash service. I play, see you at the tables, Joey.
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Private Game :  Joey’s by Invite Only
                 Professional Players preferred
Tonight : 11 Tables Cash Play 108 Max Players Cash Play Internet Lock Box Holding Open 24 hrs Box Drop Service may have limited hours
Console: CG-2020 Play from Home Local Area Services