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   Free Program Download 
   Free Program Download 
Café 904 Jacksonville Open to the Public
Guaranteed CG-2020 Gaming Console
Hello- I’m Patrick the host here at Café 904 poker club. This is a new technology P2P (Peer to Peer) gaming system. My digital tables are not on-line even though you use the Internet as a network to connect to my room. I run the game console from my home. I use the trusted Box Drop Runners to pick up and drop off cash. My dealers are the Tru-Deal AI based human replicate programs, the best. The console has a hand vending service, you pay one dollar when the dealer button is yours. This is the membership fee I collect, it is based on usage. No other fees are charged NO RAKE is allowed , you get unlimited play access 24hrs a day to a clean - fair - trusted - game.  I do not profit from the game. 100% of the vendor fee pays for the Box Drop cash service. I play, see you at the tables, Patrick.
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The “POKER PODS” Community
Private Game :  Café 904
                                        Open to all Invited Members
Tonight : 11 Tables Cash Play 108 Max Players Cash Play Internet Lock Box Holding Open 24 hrs Box Drop Service may have limited hours
Console: CG-2020 Play from Home Local Area Services
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